Nevada Ammunition has a combined experience of over 50 years in reloading expertise with an attention to detail that comes second to none. The high quality ammo that is found at Nevada Ammunition sets us apart from others in the ammunition arena. We offer both new and remanufactured ammunition using the highest grade components available today. Our ammunition is manufactured in house at our facilities located in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here are a few of the step we take to insure that you always receive nothing but the best when it comes to quality new and/or remanufactured ammunition.

  • We sort and inspect all once fired brass.

  • All rimless pistol brass must first go through a pass thru die (which ensures a perfectly round case).

  • Lube station and then a second visual inspection

  • Camdex ten station case processor; which checks for Berdan prime ,splits or cracks, deprimes, checks primer pocket, swages primer pocket (which eliminates military crimp), then the final size die.

  • Cartridges are tumbled and cleaned to remove unburnt powder debris which creates our like new condition look and feel when remanufactured .

  • Top quality powders and bullets are used in our remanufacturing process. We use commercial grade equipment for our entire processing and our loading.

  • After loading, the ammunition is polished. This insures that the primers and projectile are secure in the case. This also removes any machine marks from the cases.

  • All rounds are hand inspected then placed in a SAAMI Spec Chamber Check gauge which reduces the chances of jams, misfires, feeding problems, and other malfunctions that may be caused by out-of-spec ammo.

All of our remanufactured ammunition is produced under stringent quality control processes that ensure that each cartridge is of the highest quality and safety.

Performance Industries is licensed (by the ATF and the State of Nevada) and insured to manufacture commercial grade ammunition.